Maze Maniac is a homebrew game for the old colecovision system. The objective is pretty simple : get as fast as you can through each maze. But I never said it was easy ! The difficulty increase with each maze. Sometimes, There are multiple exits so you have to decide which one might be faster. There are also flames that can block you a passage and pits that appears to slow you down. You can also bring a friend to play with ! In all, there are seven modes of play. There is even an on-line ranking ! When you complete a mode, you are given a code to be classed among the best ! So don't wait and download this game for free here !

Maze Maniac was made possible using a lot of programs, utilities, code, documentation and help around the web. Most of these are from guys like Daniel Bienvenu, Marcel de Kogel, Neal Danner, Marat Fayzullin and John Dondzila. Without them (and many others I might forget !), this game would have never existed.

If you wish to leave a comment, ask a question or anything else related or not to Maze Maniac, you can do so by email.

April 22, 2015 13:03

Long time no see! I've fixed the CGI scripts. Now the pages should load.

February 14, 2007 10:16

I only have 6 carts left for sale. If you wish to have one, contact me. And have a nice Valentine Day !

January 15, 2007 10:36

Contest is now over ! Thanks to everybody who submitted their score, there has been much more entries than what the ranking show.

According to the database server time, the contest has been won by Tom Duncan with a score of 20418 ! The other scores (from Murph and Tom Duncan) were sent january 15. He will receive his cart shortly. Congratulation !